Aligning the elements to sell


Comfortable. Inviting. Peaceful.

With my specialized methods and applications of Feng Shui, comfortable, inviting and peaceful are the feelings potential buyers will experience when they visit your home.


I guide you through a checklist of considerations that will prepare your home to go on the market and provide a task list for you that is feasible and within your budget. 


A variety of Feng Shui principles will be utilized to ensure the right energy is flowing to and through your home. This helps buyers feel welcome, comfortable and excited to make an offer. I implement a thorough, creative marketing plan to ensure your listing stands out. 


An important element of Feng Shui is learning how to let go of a home on an emotional level so the new owners can feel welcome. We will conduct a space clearing to ensure everyone can experience the home with fresh, revitalized energy.


I’d be honored to guide you through using Feng Shui to help make your next home buying or selling experience a unique experience full of positive energy.

Are you thinking about selling?