Feng Shui in a multi unit building

When we think of creating good Feng Shui for the home, we often envision zen-like gardens, wide entrances, red front doors, and spacious interiors. For those of us who live in condos and apartments, Feng Shui has to be approached a little differently. As a Feng Shui practitioner and 534 sq ft downtown condo-dweller, I’ve found some ways to manage and attract chi so you can thrive amongst neighbors who may be practicing clutter and noise instead of good Feng Shui!

In different blog post, I discuss how to use Feng Shui to select the right building and the right unit, but for our discussion here, we assume you are already living in your unit and are ready to make some adjustments or apply Feng Shui cures.

Three of the hardest things about multi unit buildings are:

1. Getting chi to your front door

2. Handling your neighbors energy with shared walls, floors/ceilings

3. Making the most of your space

Let's dig in, shall we?

1. Getting good chi to YOUR front door

What is outside your door?

Some associations allow you to have decorations and tchotchkes outside your door, others do not. If you put anything outside your door, keep it simple and tidy, one plant works great, just keep it alive and don’t let it sit there dead!

Use a welcome mat.

Since you wipe your feet on it, shake it out every so often and replace it when it becomes worn or frayed.

Clean it up!

Front doors collect scuff marks, grime from your hands and if located outdoors, a lot of dirt! About twice a year, or more often if you have an exterior door, take a soft cloth to your door and freshen it up. Mr. Clean’s Magic Erasers can work great on scuff marks at the kick plate. Citrus essential oil works magic on the metal hardware and hinges. Don’t forget to wipe off the door jamb, too!

Utilize that balcony.

An outdoor patio or balcony space is another way chi can enter your space. Keep it clean, tidy and free of debris and don't use this space for storage and clutter. If your outdoor space gets enough sun, this is a great place to put some plants. A small container garden (herbs work great!) or a few flowers will breathe some life in to the space and help attract chi.

Keep it lit and maintained.

Make sure the common areas of your building are clean and well lit. If the building isn’t receiving good chi, it’s going to be hard for you to receive it! Inform management if bulbs are out or maintenance is needed.

Other suggestions:

- Make sure your unit numbers are all there and in good condition.

- Clean off your light fixture and make sure the bulb works.

- Keep your hallway/walkway clean, particularly important if your door is exterior

- If you have a doorbell, make sure it works and the button isn’t broken.

- Add a hanging bell to your door handle. Bells jingle as the door opens, announcing good news and good chi coming in!

2 . Dealing with your neighbor’s energy

In most multi unit projects, you are sharing at least one wall with a neighbor, probably more...plus ceilings and floors! You’ll find that their energy will impact your life, so here are some ways to minimize their impact on you.

Set boundaries.

Kindly approach noisy neighbors nicely and let them know their noise is impacting your life. Try to work out some resolutions with them so you can both be happy.

Keep their energy in their space!

Attach small, round mirrors to your walls, mirror side against the wall, reflecting energy back towards the neighbors. These can be purchased at craft stores. You can hide them behind furniture and if you place them on the ceiling, simply paint the back of the mirror with ceiling paint. 3M Command strips work great for attaching the mirrors.

Avoiding the clash.

If your door is directly across from another, soften this clashing energy with things like: wreath, big door mat or plant outside your door. Do what you can to be on good terms with those neighbors. The last thing you want is to be faced with a challenge or bad energy each time you walk out your door to start your day!

Clear the energy.

Conduct a space clearing in your home when your immediate neighbors are moving in or out. Big changes can stir up energy, creating chaos in your own space.

Choose the right sized furniture and add a few plants.

3. Make the most of your space

Not all condos are small, but many are and it’s important to make the best use of your space.

Remove clutter.

This holds true for any home, but in a condo where every square foot counts, your space can quickly feel small. A cluttered home leads to a cluttered mind. Marie Kondo’s method works great and in a different blog post, you can read why 2019, Year of the Pig, is a great year for delcuttering.

Plants, anyone?

Having some well-cared-for greenery in the home helps make up for not having a yard or garden space and can help balance energies and elements in your condo. Black thumbs may be best off sticking to fresh cut flowers! Keep plants out of the bedroom, they are active energy and can prevent restful sleep. Cacti are popular right now, but choose ones that have minimal or no spines.

Furniture: bigger is not always better!

Not leaving yourself enough space and having too large of furniture will make your home feel small and cramped, without a lot of breathing room. You may eventually find this feeling throughout other aspects of life: no room for job growth, stuck in a relationship, feeling overwhelmed, etc. Shop around for the right sized furniture and eliminate accent pieces that aren’t doing more than taking up space.

As you can see, Feng Shui can be applied anywhere, even in a small condo or a multi unit situation. In apartments and condos, there will always be thing that you cannot control, so focus you Feng Shui efforts on what you CAN control to allow yourself to thrive in your space.

Choosing the right multiunit situation is the best place to start. I can help you with that.