6 ways we apply Feng Shui to the MLS

You’ve all been there…looking at those dreamy, so Instagram-y, slightly over exposed photos on the internet of the perfect home. Then you meet your Realtor there for the showing and she hands you the MLS sheet, full of text, facts, technical info and one tiny photo at the top. How unsexy.

There isn’t anything I can do about how the MLS listing sheet is laid out. It’s pretty dreadful. Even after years of looking at them, sometimes I still have to search for the odd bit of info in question. However, there are ways we can apply Feng Shui to the MLS sheet to help your sale flow smoothly from the beginning. It's about INTENTION and ATTENTION.

1. We start with the price:

After analyzing market data and thoroughly preparing your home for sale, we price it right. We don’t play games here by listing super low or too high. We don’t want to put buyers off or create any mistrust…this is about good faith and honesty. It creates good energy from the start. If the price makes sense, you will have many showings and buyers will be excited to put in an offer.

2. We showcase a great photo:

The photo is tiny, let’s show one that is going to look good when it’s that small. We use one that really shows off how welcoming your home feels. It may end up being a photo of something other than the expected from-the-sidewalk shot. An inviting photo will invite opportunity.

3. Accuracy and attention to detail:

Similar to honest pricing, we provide honest details. Being proactive and combing through the details upfront will lead to fewer surprises, pitfalls and cancellations later when your buyers discover something on the MLS was incorrect. Avoiding hiccups will allow for good flow during the sale. I comb through all the nitty gritty with you to ensure we are being accurate, factual and reflecting any changes or upgrades your home may have experienced during your ownership.

The main feature shot may be interior instead of exterior. This is more common in condos or houses where too much landscaping might crowd the entrance.

4. Feel-good description:

We don’t waste our limited description space on stating facts and the mundane that buyers can find easily in other places. We set up the description with good energy by using this space to paint a picture of the lifestyle in the home. We talk about views, sunsets, entertaining, neighborhood amenities, etc. The buyer will get a feeling of what their life will be like in the home. We also point out upgrades and updates that may not be immediately obvious, which helps us justify our price and helps buyers get excited about what is included with their purchase.

5. Agent remarks:

It’s possible you’ve never seen this part, because it’s agent to agent. This is where I communicate a little more information to the buyers agents about showing instructions or any other tidbits they will probably have questions about. Best to be proactive now, this helps the whole thing flow. Communication is key, and if we all start off on the right foot, we’ll continue moving that way.

6. BAC: Buyers Agent Commission:

We always offer a fair and competitive commission percentage. This comes back to good faith and good energy. Agents see the BAC before even showing your home. If we offer too low, we well have fewer showings, as agents may not show it because their clients won’t supplement their commission. We don’t want to get off on a foot of resentment or aggravation, as that energy will carry through the entire transaction.

Making the best of that information-overload MLS sheet helps the whole sale flow starting from the moment your listing hits the market.

I list with intention and attention. You ready? Let’s do this! 720.975.7070