Are you reflecting abundance or instability?

Mirrors play an important role in Feng Shui. They amplify whatever they are reflecting. I did a quick example of this on Facebook, but let's discuss a few more popular placements to further explain:

Dining room: Placing a mirror to reflect your dining table is one of the best places to hang a mirror. It is amplifying abundance, wealth, health and those wonderful moments you share with your family over dinner.

Bedroom: Having a mirror in the bedroom can invite another person in to the relationship...and not in the fun, kinky way some of you may be thinking! I'm talking about infidelity. If you are single and looking, the bedroom mirror can amplify loneliness. Mirrors also bring very active energy in to a space, so it's not the best idea to have one where you are trying to get restful sleep. If you absolutely must have a bedroom mirror, your two best options would be to keep it on the inside of the closet door or if it's not stored away, be sure it isn't reflecting the bed....and those ceiling mirrors? Those certainly aren't helping your bedroom chi!

Entryway: Placing a mirror directly opposite the front door will push energy right back out. Not a good way to get good chi to come in! Place a mirror perpendicular to the front door to brighten the space and invite the chi.

Opposing mirrors: Two mirrors facing each other will create clashing energy as chi bounces between them. Think of that circus monkey banging two cymbals together! Crash, crash, crash!

Vanity: The mirror at your bathroom vanity needs to reflect the complete head and shoulders of the residents. Very important here to have a clear, whole mirror, see next item for further explanation.

Avoid mirrors that are broken, segmented or distorted. I will lead to a broken view of yourself.

Cracked or distorted mirrors: Avoid having mirrors that are in pieces, whether it be broken or a mosaic. Looking in to mirrors like this will eventually bring you a broken self image or broken self love. Distorted mirrors, including foggy, mercury, smoked or physically distorted ones, will bring you a distorted or clouded view of yourself. I personally even avoid bevel-edged mirrors since they can reflect you in multiple and choppy ways.

Stairs: Placing a mirror to reflect a staircase will amplify the unstable energy of the stairs.

Mirrors reflecting good or bad views: Remember, mirrors amplify whatever they are reflecting. If that big mirror in your front room is reflecting your peaceful park view, that's great! If it's reflecting your neighbor's dilapidated home with that junky, non-operable car on cinder blocks, you are bringing that negative energy in to your home. Might be best to move that mirror!

This is by no means an exhaustive guide on how best to use mirrors. When we are getting ready to list your home for sale, I work closely with the stagers to make sure we have correct mirror placement allowing potential buyers imagine a harmonious life in what might be their new home. Did I mention I pick up the tab on the staging? Click to learn more.