3 easy ways to Feng Shui your mailbox

If you have one like this with a horse on it, be sure the horse is running TOWARD you front door, not away.

Is good news arriving at your home? If it was, would you want that good news to sit in an old, rusty, dusty box until you looked for it later? Probably not. In Feng Shui, mailboxes are symbolic of attracting and receiving the good news that is coming to your door, home or life.

In the modern days of email and Amazon boxes on the doorstep, our snail mailboxes aren't something we think about very often. Chances are you don't even check it more than a couple times a week. Mailboxes can play an important role in the Feng Shui of your home and front door, and with a few moments and maybe a few dollars, you can shape yours up and start getting fresh energy, full of good news to your home and life!

Here's 3 easy ways to Feng Shui your mail box:

1. Clean it: Take a good old fashioned cleaning towel and some all-purpose spray cleaner. The method here is super simple: wipe it down! Most likely it's dirty and probably has some cob webs. Un-griming that thing may be all it needs to look sharp again. Oh, and replace that broken old clip or clothespin with a new one.

Keep you mailbox nice and clean. Paint it if you need to!

2. Paint it: A can of spray paint will probably do the trick. Best to remove it from the wall because masking has been known to fail! A nice shiny coat of paint brings the life back to that rusty, faded mailbox.

3. Replace it: Worse case scenario, you'll want to replace the mailbox. If it's rusted out, bent up or is outdated, spruce things up with a new one. You have loads of options online of varying prices, styles and locking features.

General mailbox tips:

1. Check your mail daily: How to you know if great chi has come your way if you are ignoring it? You may be losing out on opportunities. Even just opening the door of it every day allows fresh air to get in there and stale energy to move out.

2. Make sure the lid closes properly: How can the mailbox guard the information in there if the lid is stuck open? This also helps deter thieves who may easily snatch your mail if it is sticking out.

3. Use the USPS vacation hold feature: If you are going out of town, hold your mail at the post. If you let your mailbox overflow, you will eventually run out of space for good chi and the chi may just continue on down the road to your neighbors house. An over-flowing mailbox also indicates a home is vacant, inviting burglaries.

An overflowing mailbox leaves no room for more good news to arrive! Empty that box and get some fresh air in there.

Condos and PUD developments usually have a bank of mailboxes at the main entrance or street side on the main road. Hard to do much customizing there, so your best options for maintaining your box to attract good chi are as follows:

1. Check your mail daily: Even just opening the door to it and getting fresh air in that little aluminum box is good. Clear out those junky Red Plum ads and Domino's coupons to make room for good news that may be arriving.

2. Keep it clean and orderly: Mailboxes sit outside in the elements of the atmosphere, and some times get graffiti so take a soft cloth and cleaner to it every so often. Make sure the lock works properly.

3. Be sure your name is clearly labeled for the postman: If the postman or the chi are confused about which box is yours, how can you receive good news? Create a nice name label to go inside and check that your box number is clearly marked.

If you are buying a condo, let's be sure to check and make sure the building is being maintained so good chi is invited in and invited to stay.