Feng Shui for Valentine's Day

Whether or not you buy in to Valentine’s Day traditions, there are things you can do to your home to rekindle the romance in your marriage or even attract your mate if you are single.

First, let’s talk about the Southwest area of your home.

You will occasionally hear me talk about “corners” of your home, also known as sectors. In lieu of a long explanation as to how it all works, just know that the southwest area of your home is the sector about love (self love & partnerships), aka“marriage corner”.

Go take a good look at the southwest area of your home. What do you see? Is it cluttered and messy? Is it clean and tidy? Is it a bedroom or is there a toilet or drain there? Are you able to make any correlations about this area to your love life?

The SW area of your home is a great place to decorate in pairs to symbolize partnerships. It’s also a great place to add some pink or other earth tones. Have a wedding picture? Put it here.

Rose quartz is the stone for this corner (or your bedroom) to represent love. Any rose quartz will work, but heart shapes and a pair of mandarin ducks (mate for life!) help to amplify that energy.

Now let’s get to the obvious, the bedroom.

1. Mirrors: Get them out.

Mirrors are said to invite in a third person. No, not in a fun way some of you may be thinking. I’m talking about infidelity. Don’t perpetuate it by having a mirror in your bedroom. It is also believed that mirrors will magnify loneliness. If you are single and searching, your mirror may be keeping you single.

Mirrors are active energy, they don’t really allow for restful sleep. Try placing mirrors in other places, such as the inside of closets, or closet doors, or in other rooms altogether. If you MUST have a mirror in your bedroom, make sure it isn’t reflecting the bed.

Create symmetry with nightstands and lamps

2. Nightstands: Get matching ones.

Nightstands represent the partners in the relationship. Ensure that both are of equal size and height for equality in the relationship. When possible, avoid ones with sharp corners.

3. Get a solid headboard.

Headboards with a split down the middle create a divide in your relationship. Headboards that aren’t solid aren’t providing support, allowing all of your chi is draining away as you sleep!

4. Remove images of family or religious figures.

What happens in a bedroom is for the eyes of you and your partner only. You don’t want your family or the one you worship watching, do you? Plenty of other great places in your home for those images and icons.

5. Pull the bed out from the corner.

Beds pushed in to the corner of a room puts you in a defensive position...as you are quite literally backed into a corner. If you are partnered, the one who sleeps next to the wall may feel they are trapped or stuck.