Feng Shooie? Feng Who? Fung Schway.

Feng Shui is a 5,000 year old practice of combining the art and science of harmonizing the person with their environment.

The practice of Feng Shui is thriving all over the world now more than ever. People pay big bucks for this kind of service, but you get it included at no charge when I'm your Realtor. Maybe Feng Shui isn't your thing and that's ok, I can still be your agent!

Learn more below on how we work with Feng Shui to buy or sell your home. 

Q & A


What exactly is Feng Shui? It is different than my religion..can I still use it?

Feng Shui is not a religion. Feng Shui is the ancient study of energy, spatial arrangement and orientation to channel the flow of chi (energy), allowing us to live in harmony with our surroundings. We can make adaptations to our lives and environment in order to bring or maintain harmony with our enviroment and in different aspects of our lives. Since it is not a religion, any one of any religion can use Feng Shui.

My good friend is a Realtor and I want to work with him, but I want to use your Feng Shui services. Can we work together?

If you are working with another Realtor, unfortunately I cannot be involved in the process, unless I work directly with your agent instead of you. Since I am also a licensed Realtor, I cannot do something that meddles in your transaction with another agent. However, I can either work directly with your agent or refer you to other local Feng Shui practitioners who are not Realtors so they can act as an independent contractor for you. Realtors understand that each person knows on average 1.5 (or more!) agents, so we do not get offended if you choose someone else to represent you. I suggest that you choose your agent based on expertise, trust, compatibility, ability and references. When interviewing agents, remember, you are interviewing each other and the relationship needs to work for both parties so be sure to ask all your questions!


How will you use Feng Shui to sell my home quickly?

Every property is different, so my suggestions will vary with every situation. I’ll go through your home with you, inside and out, and make suggestions of things you can change, improve or repair. It takes a combination of things to bring in good chi and shape buyer perception. Many of the changes we make may seem subtle but could make a big impact on a potential buyer. I apply principles of Feng Shui to every aspect: photos, MLS description, sign placement, sign messaging, marketing verbiage, open houses, etc. You may find that I place a few little items in your home that are my secret “sell your home cure”. Before listing and before any open house, I will always do a space clearing so each person entering can experience the home with fresh new energy. I will coach you on a few methods on how to emotionally let go of your home so it will be ready for a new buyer. The spiritual side of selling is one of the most important steps!

If we are staging the home, why do we need your Feng Shui services? Won’t the stagers make it beautiful?

The stagers do an excellent job of making your space beautiful and appealing to all potential buyers. However, Feng Shui is much more than beauty. The stagers may not be familiar with some of the important concepts of Feng Shui. For example, mirror placement is crucial and if a mirror reflects certain things, such as a front door or staircase, it may actually push energy out or magnify unstable energy. I work closely with the stagers to make certain requests of colors, specific furniture items and placement to ensure a comfortable and inviting feeling in the space.

My front door is red. Isn’t that enough to attract good luck?

First, we don't rely on "luck" to bring harmony or sell a home. Feng Shui is much more calculated than "luck". Depending on the direction your door faces, red may or may not be the right color to attract good chi. If your door faces north, red may actually be clashing with the water energy of the north. I may recommend a different color for your door, or at least have you clean your door and entrance area really well. We can use red in other ways, I'll guide you though that when we do a walk through at your home.

We can’t move out of our home before we list it and our home is full of clutter. How will we ever get top dollar?

The truth is, a vacant and beautifully staged home will bring more money than one that is occupied, particularly a cluttered one. Visitors have trouble imagining their new life in a home that is full of your life. If moving out is not an option, get a moving pod or storage unit for the majority of your belongings. Make your home as spacious and neutral as possible. During our walk through, I will make suggestions of things you can do to make the best of the situation. We’ll work with our resources to make your house show in the best light possible.

How will you market my home?

Each property is unique and therefore requires a different marketing plan. I always list properties on the MLS where the large majority of buyers and their agents find listings. Other strategies may include: applying priciples of Feng Shui to invite the right energy a yard sign, strategically place and appropriate messaging third party real estate search sites neighborhood mailers or door knocking print or digital ads open houses flier distribution to strategic locations I’ve also had themed events such as Halloween open houses, holiday hot cocoa, Letters to Santa, etc. My yard signs feature messaging about the home instead of featuring the company logo. I'm known in my office for having the most creative marketing strategies! On average, my listings fetch 99.9% of our list price. That was a combination of Feng Shui, real estate expertise, appropriate marketing and strong negotiating tactics.


I’m ready to buy a home. How will you use Feng Shui?

We’ll start with a discussion of things like:

  • budget
  • lifestyle
  • needs
  • wants
  • locations
  • family goals
The floor plan of each home is broken in to 9 sectors of the classical Feng Shui compass. Each sector represents something different so we want to make sure the floor plan will support your needs and goals. If money is a struggle for you, let’s make sure we aren’t getting you a home where the money corner is missing or is in, say, the bathroom! We can also look at your Chinese Astrology chart. Your chart has 5 elements
  • fire
  • earth
  • metal
  • water
  • wood
Your balance of elements may help us choose a home. For example, if you are heavy on water, like I am, you may want to skip water-front property. Or if you need more fire in your life, a south-facing front door would be ideal. Before we even go see homes in person, we rule some out simply by doing a quick map search. Specific placements on Cul-de-sacs, busy streets, isolated areas, etc. can bring tired chi to you. Once we visit a property we evaluate what is left, right and behind to determine what kind of chi will make it to your door and how long it will stick around.

What’s this Ming Gua number you mentioned?

Your Ming Gua number is calculated from your birth year. This will give you 4 auspicious and 4 inauspicious directions. We can consider those when we look at the floorplan of the home you are considering. We want to make sure you can set up your bed in an orientation to allow you to sleep in one of your favorable directions. If you work from home, let’s be sure we do the same for your desk.

I’d love to buy a home, but my credit is terrible.

It’s not a matter of IF you can buy a home, it’s a matter of WHEN. Talking to a reputable lender is the single, most important step to getting started. I’ll put you in touch with some great lenders so they can review your situation and tell you what you can afford now or how you need to repair your credit it order to afford one later.

Housing prices are so high. How can we make a low offer that is still enticing to the seller?

Negotiating is one of the biggest reasons to work with an agent! It's my role to find every little bit of information that will help us justify our offer and I can present it to the listing agent in a professional manner with a list of reasons why our offer is fantastic. Surprisingly, price isn't the only driving factor for a seller. There are many different things we can negotiate in the contract that will be appealing for both parties. In 2018 every single one of my buyer clients paid lower than list price, anywhere from 3-8% less and that was in a seller's market!

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