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Using Feng Shui to buy or sell a home

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Using Feng Shui to buy or sell a home

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Experience a truly unique way to buy or sell. As a certified Feng Shui practitioner, I add a whole new layer to your experience.

As a buyer, we'll work to ensure you find the right home that will bring you harmony, abundance and prosperity. We study the landform, layouts, chi flow and even dig in to your personal astrology to ensure we are choosing a home that is in sync with your personal energy. There are many invisible factors that will impact your life in a home and we study those potentially negative aspects and decide if we can "cure" them or if we need to avoid the home all together.

As a seller, we ensure that the home is going to attract positive chi, bringing you opportunity to sell and create an energy that is inviting to every potential buyer. Learn how I work with the stagers to ensure we have correct placement of mirrors, furniture and other decor that bring harmony to the space. You will learn how to emotionally let go of your home, making the transition in to your next steps as smooth as possible.

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