Use Feng Shui to buy your next home


Thrive. Harmony. Abundance. 

With my approach, we will find you a property which allows you a thriving, harmonious and abundant lifestyle.

With any home purchase, we FIRST assess the basics: 

  • your budget

  • desired location

  • type of home

  • wants and needs 


As we shop, we examine the things that could have a DRASTIC IMPACT on your success and wellbeing in the home: 

  • the floor plan 

  • specific location and what surrounds the property

  • geography and traffic patterns

  • how chi (energy) will get to the home and flow through the space

  • how much chi you will get and how much of it will stay

  • other factors that may impact your finances, health and harmony

Applying principles of Feng Shui can help shed light on these factors and ensure you are choosing the right home.

We can dig in further to assess other factors like the five elements of your Chinese Astrology chart to gain a better understanding of your personal energy. There are many INVISIBLE FACTORS which can impact the harmony and well being in your future home.

Having a deeper understanding of who you are allows us to determine if you need a home near the water or a front door that faces the sunrise.

Start imagining what your new life will be like when we find that home that has great, abundant energy and the potential for even more!

Are you thinking about buying?